Whelped - 6/11/99        BAER - Normal        OPTIGEN - "A1"      

               CERF'd - Annually                OFA - GOOD

Tish, more commonly known as "Tish the Dish", came to us from breeders, Donna and John O'Connell, of Tuscany English Cockers in New Seabury, MA.
She soon took her place as the light of our lives...her wonderful temperament and irrepressible spirit making her a favorite with all who meet her. Especially male judges...with whom she proved herself a shameless flirt! Even the old pros of the show ring could not suppress a smile when faced with Tish's exuberant charm. 

When she completed the down and back pattern, she would come to a stop in front of the judge - looking up at him and wiggling for all she was worth - as if to say, "Mommy says I'm a pretty girl...what do YOU think?".


They clearly agreed... Tish finished her Championship in short order - with four  majors out of the puppy classes. She won back to back three- point majors, and back to back four-point majors! It was quite a thrill for this owner/handler!
Tish is currently doing her obedience training...and believe me, she keeps our trainer, Merrillynn Hill, on her toes! And she forces me to be a more creative trainer too! She is intelligent, willing...and tireless.  We hope to make our debut in the obedience ring at the
American Spaniel Club's annual Flushing Spaniel Show in January 2002.


We hope that Tish will be taking a little time off this summer to raise her children a Spring breeding is planned - to Karen Roth (Bellfower English Cockers) and Joan Fletcher's CH. Bellflower Nonpareil (Norman).
We can't thank Donna and John enough...for breeding Tish...and parting with her. It is impossible to articulate how much joy this little girl has brought into our lives.


CH. Bellflower Nonpareil, BISS



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